Our project

world_sStarting in July 2013 and for one year, we are travelling through South-East Europe, Turkey, India, South-East Asia, Japan and South-America.

We are taking advantage of this opportunity to realise the following project which consists on discovering and documenting the activities of people, collectives, universities, creative spaces and organisations that:

- are actively supporting the fundamentals of Knowledge Sharing.
- act towards making information and culture freely available for everyone, divulging the principles behind Open Cultures (Open Source software, Open Knowledge, Open Data…)
- promote transparency, democracy and citizen’s participation through Open Government initiatives.
- use creativity to develop solutions for daily problems or world-changing challenges.

In the form of a travel diary, and using Open Source software technologies, we have created an online plattform which aims to divulge the philosophy behind Open Cultures. Open Steps represents a worldwide research on the areas listed above and documents their status through regularly published articles. By doing this, our site showcases different active individuals and groups we are encountering along our journey and constitutes a network of knowledge between people from different cultures.

Finally, in order to contribute to this purpose ourselves, we are willing to share our experiences and know-how in our professional fields. In line with these encounters, we are running the following workshop: Visualising open data to bring out global issues.


Download our dossier (English)